Portable Smart Home Security 

When You're Worried
When You Can't Take it All With You
While You Sleep
Happy Travelers
“My knight in shining armor. I travel a lot and TripSafe can make me feel safer.”
Liz Jacobs, Home-Share Lover
“I backpacked through Kenya with nothing more than my clothes, a travel guide, and a dream. It changed my life.... but worried my family. TripSafe would change that.”
David Stevens, Adventurer
“I know TripSafe is for travel, but it is exactly what I need for my apartment!
Sarah Naka, NYC Nomad
“I've been to some crazy places with the military. Now that I'm out, I'm looking for a new safety net.”
Jay Rutter, Ex-Army Ranger

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Where TripSafe Protects You
You want to focus on fun
Sleep more soundly where ever you roam
You want to be on your own
Your landlord doesn't allow installs
You want a safety net

Sets in under 10 seconds. Door wedge sensors detect and help prevent intrusions. 24/7 emergency response coordinators get you help if you need it. Hotel, motel, Airbnb, rental, apartment, and more.

You have valuable stuff you want to confidently leave in your hotel room. Stay connected to it when you’re out with streaming video to your phone when motion or sound are detected. Notify TripSafe to coordinate with authorities if needed.

While you have fun, your loved ones may be worrying. TripSafe lets them know if you're in trouble and coordinates help in an emergency. 

Turning everyone into a smart traveler and any space into a smart home. 

When do You Use TripSafe?

At home or on the road, TripSafe provides peace of mind.

Our Wait List backers get a chance at $50 (33%) off when we launch! 

Hear what others think!

“My daughter travels all the time for work, and I'm happy I can finally sleep well knowing she's safe.
Don Villa, Proud Dad
“I love to move around. TripSafe gives me peace of mind wherever I move or travel to.
Becky Robinson, College Student
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